The Agency For Micro Projects

The Agency for Micro Projects (AMP) follows and supports small and medium-sized French international solidarity NGOs to help them set up their projects, find adequate funding, assess and capitalize on the lessons learned from their experience.

International solidarity microprojects, through their local grounding and variety of actions, offer a major resource to meet the basic needs of the peoples.


– Guidance and Training:

Personal advice: AMP offers free of charge individual appointments dedicated to NGOs on how to set up, implement and draft their projects, or else on how to raise funding.

Training : AMP offers training sessions in Paris and also in the French regions on how to manage a project. Based on real-life case studies, these trainings provide the project managers with the methodological tools they need and allow them to share their experiences.

• Set up and implementation of a project.

• Partnership into the project.

• Follow-up and feedback on the project.

• Budgeting and fundraising.

• Communication in the projects



– Center of expertise:

Since 1983, AMP has been relying on the broad network set up by The European Guild, and has been providing a tailor-made expertise on microprojects to other international solidarity stakeholders (local authorities, companies, and foundations): guidance and support to project managers, training sessions, promoting events, field assessment…


– Funding

Grants for microprojects : Created in 1983 by The European Guild, this funding mechanism is currently run by AMP. Regarding countries eligible for the OECD Development Assistance Committee with no specific thematic issues, the grants, ranging from 2,000 to 15,000 €, are allocated two times a year to NGOs:

– under french law

– at least 2 years existence

– less than 250 000 € annual budget The website for crowdfunding allows awarded NGOs to supplement their funding by on-line donations, pool donors, add visibility and communication to all projects.


– Observatory:

The Observatory for microprojects supports project managers through its resources center as well as donors and public policies. Its task is to share experiences and value the microproject-oriented approach in a collective spirit, with and for the involved stakeholders.

It provides studies and field assessments. It offers research subjects and organizes topic-oriented meetings on international solidarity microprojects.

Our microproject-oriented approach:

We can define a microproject as a sustainable development action, initiated locally in response to needs expressed by the recipients, the real actors of their own development. It is characterized by a local cooperation, a low overall costs, a small scale geographical impact with a potential innovative and replicable nature.